We buy metals and scrap at top prices.

Metals and scrap

We buy metals and scrap at top prices. If you bring your scrap to us one of our experienced employees will directly unload, inspect and weigh the material together with you. Payment is granted immediately either in cash, via bank transfer or cheque.

Is the scrap too big or heavy to transport it yourself we can easily pick it up with one of our trucks or provide a container. Our truck fleet includes trucks with a lorry crane so that material up to a weight of 4 tonnes can be loaded almost anywhere by ourselves.

Please contact us for your individual offer.

Cars, trucks and busses

We pay top prices for your old car, truck or bus. As certified specialist for the recycling of end-of-life verhicles we dispose your verhicle professionally and environmentally friendly. We also deregister your car for you at the local traffic office as a free-of-charge service. Please contact us via phone +49(0) 2171 582216 or our contact form to receive an offer for your verhicle.

Upon request we can also issue an official recycling certificate which is for example needed to receive the current scrapping bonus of max. 15.000€ for used trucks.

At the moment we only buy cars that are delivered to our premises in Leverkusen-Opladen. The following documents must be provided with the vehicle:


  • registration document
  • vehicle title
  • power of attorney or proof of purchase if the car is brought by anybody else than the owner according to the vehicle title


Without these documents we are not allowed to scrap your vehicle. BPlease note that Bender Recycling does not sell any used parts of cars. These are only sold at Bender Carparts GmbH (

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